Request Info. Can't find the problem,and the carb is new. It make a whopping 33 horsepower, and seemed to taper off real quickly after 3000 RPM's, so we felt it was probably in need of a quick tune-up. Opinions? Or if those are hard to come by, a pair of Weber 34 ICT's. Ideas? Dual Weber 34 ICT Carb Kit (Twin Port) for 1600cc VW Engines 1968–1979. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Cheers all Carburettor Return Spring VW T2 Bay 1700-2000cc 1971-1979. $49.00. 4 Answers. I completely rebuilt it. Price: $399.00. Appletree Automotive offers a complete line of VW CARBURETION INTAKE MANIFOLDS and ACCESSORIES. EMPI 34PICT3 Carburetor, With Electric Choke Stock Replacement Carburetor for all 34PICT3. I want to upgrade the carb for a bit more power and response. 1-48 of 182 Results. and fixed some oil leaks by replacing the stock pushrods with sprig-loaded pushrods. Weber. Using this excellent carburetor on 6V systems will result in slightly longer warm up times. Aircooled.Net innovated and introduced the SVDA distributor in 1997, and sold them to excited customers while others were still promoting the "Uh-Oh-Nine" as the best. The next time I need another carb for an air cooled I wont hesitate to purchase another from him. 60 hp. We didn't dyno it past 5000 RPM's, but this little moster was still pulling hard when we pulled the plug. $1,215.40. We needed to make sure we had a good motor to start with, first of all. ... in the manifold runners when you use a single carb, as compared to a dual carb setup. Deluxe Progressive Weber Kit (Twin Port) VW Beetle 1971 on VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1971-1979. A mechanic did say a pair of Dual Kadron (or Weber equivelant) would be wasted because it is a single port. But if it turns out to be "clean" inside and runs, it can be a decent carb. Ya gotta have a little fun with projects like this! For Classic air cooled VWs with single port engine. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings | 11 answered questions Price: $367.58 & FREE Shipping: This fits your . A few folks on FB groups offering such a rebuilding service as well. Put all the money in a good vavlejob according to the How to Hot Rod Volkswagen engines book and port them out like described. #K411. It's a great carb and has the power fuel system on it. While setting up the rockers, we noticed that we had three valve springs that were super soft. Motor for sale locally. You can shorten your existing aluminum pushrods, which is what we did in this case. /o) Lv 6. EMPI 47-7401-0 EMPI Dual EPC 34 CARB KIT Kit, VW Type 1 Single Port Brand: Empi. Air regulator box VW T2 Bay 1700, 1800, 2000cc T25 2000cc. $16.11 shipping. We took a very interesting project on recently, wanting to know just how big of an improvement we could get by doing some bolt-on upgrades to an old beat up 1600cc single-port motor that we had laying around. Single Port heads have one intake port that serves 2 cylinders. The other 30-1's don't have the power fuel circuit. I'm running a single port 1600 with a 30 pict carburetor and a doghouse cooler, I'm pretty happy with the results, but that's because reliability is the name of the game for me. We built some custom Kaddie Shack Kadrons, especially jetted for this application, and machined the venturis out to 32mm inside to maximize the power. The results of that run were documented as "Dyno Run #2". Try changing the jets before getting a whole new carb. I think the chrome fuel pump might add a little extra power (just kidding... no emails please!) VW engines are notoriously under carbureted by nature of the original design. I do need to track down the correct vac can distributor to make her run better though. in the vw type 1 wich had more power and torque,,,,,aingle port or dual port,,,,,i see many dual port heads ported to ad more power to engines,,,,, Answer Save. vwnate1 Posts: 596 Joined: Mon Jan 29, 2001 9:01 am. It's got a PICT 34 carb which is mounted on top of an extension of sorts, not sure why. A stock VW carburetor is proportionally small in relation to VW engine size when compared to most (if not all) other car makes. He doesn't have any stock right now. I saw the Brosol on JBugs for $200 but I'm hesitant to buy one because I've never heard of them. I think we have a pretty good idea, now. Shop with confidence on eBay! VW Carburetors 101: Carb Options and Selection . $49.00. VW VOLKSWAGEN BUG BEETLE 30 PICT CARBURETOR KARMANN GHIA BEETLE NEW CARB (Fits: 1973 Volkswagen Beetle) $95.30. Scat C20 cam and an empi 32/36 progressive We tuned it up, adjusted the vlaves, and changed the distributor over to a "009", since the factory distributor was not advancing properly. If you don't have a tap to thread the case, and adapter stud can be used. This requires drilling the 6mm studs out that hold the oil cooler to the case, and re-threading the hole on top for a larger stud. Single port carb upgrade. Dual Weber 34 ICT Carb Kit (Twin Port) VW Beetle 1600cc 1971–1979 VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1971–1979. Best Match. We could push them in easily with just a thumb. You need to get a new fuel pump for them, the stock mechanical can't keep up. I know of no kits other than going to a stock thermostat setup. Top. I am debating between a Zenith 32 NDIX and a Weber 40MX. In fact, it can all be done in the car! $226.50. Also H30/31 Brosol carbs are decent units that I've used in the past. We put it on the run stand, fixed a couple of fuel leaks, and fired it up, complete with the stock carburetor and exhaust, just like it came from Wolfsburg with. You can also order chromoly ones, but for this build, it really wasn't necessary. Before you purchase another carb I would talk to Tim at .Tim was a really nice and helpful guy that answered all of my questions but most importantly he sold me a carb that is awesome for a very reasonable price.. His work is as good as if not better than when your carb was made in the factory and he stands behind his products. so we couldn't resist adding that, too. For VW Type 1 Single Port For Volkswagen and VW based Dune Buggies › See more product details. The Volkswagon (VW) 1600 dual port engine has been one of the main VW engines since its first appearance in 1936 and its final days in 2006, a total of 70 years in service in one variant form and another. Single Port Inlet Manifold VW Beetle 1965–1970 VW T2 Split 1965–1967 VW T2 Bay 1967–1970 1600cc. You'll also notice we installed some alumninum valve covers, a new gen stand, and the single port Kaddie manifolds. Quantity: Email A Friend. It seemed to be running OK, so we took it to the dyno shop and ran it on the dyno. It's a quick and easy way to get a little more poop without removing the heads and doing port work, or splitting the case and changing the cam.