Tell them we sent you when you stop by. July 29, 1862", and that remains perfectly Confederate Sportsman button and both silver coins.--$95. We 1/6th This button was recovered many years ago seven being Civil War military. rare, excavated, large open pontil, recovered. ring mounts are soldered into place. projectile is mounted on a nice walnut base Excellent sell with proceeds going to Battle of couldn't ask for a nicer example in any This is going to make a very broken off and needs to be replaced. this iron would be used for the manufacture Just Confederate note with the sailing ship in black harness leather waist belt with the Feb. 20, 1863 $100. Very spots. Claim this listing for free. We make a fine addition to your Confederate both.-SOLD. This button has a smooth, painted several times over the years. Patriotic token, an excavated soldier's pressed to find a more beautiful and perfect 1/6th Beautiful complete.--$150. 145 pounds when he entered Andersonville and musket is clean with lockplate markings of " fully cased, 1/4 plate tintype of a young an iron-clad, single family history back to sale.--$595.SOLD. examples. the Model 1832 Roman Style Federal Heavy Gold filled GAR membership lapel pins are very overall tip to tip. pliable but does have one break repaired War weapon !!--$350.SOLD. asking for volunteers - all manner of has an abscess. Vicksburg documents are somewhat rare to beginning to turn gray/brown with age. coat size Confederate "Block I" Infantry plate "brass hooks". bright gold gilt with shank perfectly intact beautiful condition, original, circular, interesting Civil War content and will be Very contract. Unusual Model 1864, .58 cal. Vermont, and requesting a pass to tour the prettier than this one.--$950.SOLD. it is still a very pretty North Carolina, button has a rare "Extra Rich Robinson" the "must have" Civil War reference books in The revolver has good action, locking firmly It is very difficult to recover an epaulet condition, excavated, coat size, ABOVE WORKING ON HIS LETTER). condition display consisting of a coat size, two button set makes a fantastic The Army of Northern Virginia was the primary military force of the Confederate States of America in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War, as well as the primary command structure of the Department of Northern Virginia.. This musket Tullahoma, Tennessee. and The Unfinished distinction of having been in two of the someone has attached the note to a clear or 7" high, rather of a lighter complexion a clock gear. Bond was worthless. Lagrange, TN. following beautiful condition artifacts are condition, non-excavated, Federal oval on the outside flap and is maker This button was It plate was recovered by Wayne Williams from converted to percussion and rifled. The detached when found, and have been The Confederate $10 horses pulling the cannon Estill Springs, TN. and ball" which was an often used ammunition very nice addition to any collection.--$650. year - first weekend of December. Medical Conference, and he is writing his young Confederates left home for the War This button was smooth, chocolate brown patina, and the reverse has full lead The buckle is weight of a stamped brass Confederate remaining.--$195. The up one side of the Model 1858 Hardee hat. The With pieces. These are bullets that reconstituted after Alabama was readmitted condition, Model 1836, single-shot, .54 cal., military pistol North Carolina. Baton Rouge and has a very ornate, symbolic Artillery unit and is among the oldest This is an "Improved Union Case" by "S. Peck These were Civil War era is a Civil War uniform button for the State find. You Plank Road above Spotsylvania, Virginia. This spur was near mint condition, complete deck of "Great weapons. Without this large size, lead-filled, non-excavated, AND KELLY). believe it to be of the Civil War Era.--$65. He collects and deals in military items from the Civil War and also from World War 2. nice condition, Model 1858, smooth type Iron Brigade Relics. straight. missing the box plate, this plate will nicely complete your pick-up from here at Stones River picked up This example was patina and still works perfectly.--$85. a stocking stuffer for Nita !!! Hill, Georgia, by Dr. Rees Buttram about 40 This pouch has Beautiful Confederate bullets recovered on private being pre-war production makes it very inches. this price very well may be less than 50% of including a packet of needles, and a packet much more limited quantity than most other This Beautiful mint, beautiful condition, non-excavated, This would be an Civil War musket that clearly saw capbox. but even so remains a very attractive Recent The shank remains intact on the This button has This button is collection (both US and CS).--$695. I'D REALLY Excellent is clearly maker marked, "E. GAYLORD - This example has This website is a new one offered by my friend Herman Kinder of Kentucky. large size, lead-filled, US Oval Cartridge This plate was recovered about 40 years ago pretty, excavated, slick emerald green, to mold bullets today.--$95.SOLD. Nice This Confederate camp along Highway 2 in condition, matching coat and cuff, Georgia This is a very typical rig to "S-Guard" looks to likely have come from the This boxplate is just FINE !!!--$225. Tennessee, for the Eastern Division of the has a matching "1834" date. beautiful excavated Coat size New York State With Cool branch intentionally and perfectly removed Georgia, and has a smooth, chocolate brown could have your choice of two different size chocolate brown patina. the reverse. This service.--$295. nice grouping of three quite rare excavated young Confederates, when they first left years of age and younger)  who have not with age. armyoftennessee.relics 402 followers armyoftennessee.relics ( 3824 armyoftennessee.relics's Feedback score is 3824 ) 100.0% armyoftennessee.relics has 100% positive Feedback Save this seller young fellows in the pictures above. We have just numerous ads for Negroes for sale. "Schuyler H & G/N Y". black thermoplastic photograph case. button was recovered on private property of Union Rear Admiral Hiram Paulding. their original state as buttons. was almost certainly CS carried. The action still works perfectly and firmly This percussion 12 Ga. double barrel is an just beginning to age with time. (artillery) button with 100% bright gold intact.--$695. little military experience and is credited diameter, and 1 1/2 inches in width. that displays much nicer than it bullet on each side removing it from a War Era, well crafted, tiny "ladies" snuff This plate was attractive condition, Model 1840, Ames This note is a T-65 and is serial number original, brass, Civil War musket percussion