this has already wasted mountains of my time. Ugh. Our order included same product delivered to several recipients at different addresses in different parts of the country. Compare Hickory Farms and Harry And David pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. I sent a pears and Apple wreath on 12/3/20 and when they received itinerary 12;17/20 they sent me a picture and the pears were green and black. They don't always get the freshest produce. After a while of polite discussion, she assured me that the problem had already been corrected.BUT, later that day I received 2 different emails from Harry and David. I attempted several times to track the deliver unsuccessfully. We got nice emails from each rep.: “We appreciate the opportunity to express our apologies”…….”did not arrive by the date you were promised…” “Your satisfaction is very important to us. Review #1531188 is a subjective opinion of poster. Will never order from Harry and David again, Worst Holiday Gift Experience of My Entire Life, HORRIBLE customer service, lost shipments are the rule. I started with one large order and 14 recipients. We are processing your message. Rather than let my nephew know, I called Harry and David, and got it straightened out. We were sent a tower from relatives again this year. Always "not eligible" on this order. I will be calling the company for a 2nd time to make this right or I will never order their pears again. Then just delayed another by a week.Supervisor had the gall to blame their ineptitude on COVID and wildfires. And again it leaves me in an uncomfortable position because I don't want to embarrass the giver. Shop all Gift Baskets & Totes. Waiting to hear from Harry and David. The selection is outstanding and has everything you can imagine. Review #1420628 is a subjective opinion of poster. Ordered gift baskets as a corporate gift 2 weeks ago for delivery on 12/23. Harry & David pears. It's heartless how they are handling this. Pam L. Placed an order 2 weeks ago to send baskets to my annual list. My friend called Harry and David to have the pears replaced. 0. Harry & David is well-known for its food and gift baskets. There aren’t the same. She let me know herself. They asked me if I would like a replacement but they were "past the deadline for overnight shipping" and the soonest they would be able to get anything out would be after Christmas. I have been ordering H&D pears for a number of years, mostly at retail outlets, where I could control the quality. Well, the package is now scheduled to arrive 12/26 and per the email it’s going to the PO Box after all, so it will be refused. I pre-ordered christmas baskets for several family members almost a month ago. I have always gone to them and spent thousands of dollars there for business contacts over the years. Today 12/22/20 I check the tracking number I was given and contacted Fed Ex and they advised they only have a shipping label but never received the package. Even the replacements were subpar! For a company that has high standards for products, u r falling under the bus. Before, that was a rip-off aspect of ordering from H&D. It was confirmed, my credit card was charged, and everything seemed to be on track. H&D products r totally undesirable anymore. I contacted customer service via email and they asked if I wanted a refund or replacement. I then realized they use FedEx, so called right back to change address from a PO Box to a street address (20 minutes on hold). How in the world do you do that to a customer the week of Christmas! 208 reviews for Harry & David, 2.1 stars: 'Received a beautiful package from our daughter for Christmas. Peabody didn’t let me down, and indeed I […] Reply. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact Review #1436059 is a subjective opinion of poster. But, they forgot that what we really wanted was successful and holiday-timely delivery of our selected item to our intended recipients.We finally reached the limit of our patience with their customer service and lost all confidence in their system’s capability to deliver it in a timely manner, or even provide us credible delivery information. Please take this down because you have posted your address. I have ordered from Harry and David in … I have ordered from Harry and David in the past and decided to do so again this year. Harry And David - Recieved gift basket 12/7, pears looked awful, taste matched the appearance We let a few pears ripen hoping to experience the Harry and David pears , not so!!!!!!! 00 ($48.00/Count) FREE Shipping I can get higher quality pears in my local supermarket! To quote, “we are out of everything.” They offered me a 20% coupon for a future purchase.Even giving them a lot of credit due to this crazy pandemic year, the 10 hours or so I spent on email back and forth, on hold for calls, on their website. Pears were rotten. Find a variety. Review #1425491 is a subjective opinion of poster. Daughter sent her dad b-day gift. They were rotten. Please take this down because you have posted your address. Received pears that were grocery store rejects yesterday. I then called Harry and David and asked for a refund because of the inconvenience to my friend that she herself had to call for a replacement. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, Grocery store regent pears and no help when called, Fraud--unauthorized use of my credit information. Each time we got a response from a new customer service rep. (we have encountered about a dozen different customer service reps.!). Review #1426369 is a subjective opinion of poster. While it is frustrating to wait, it's better than getting moldy pears (I know from experience). A decade ago, their pears were extraordinary. But, their system showed no competence in handling two of our shipments. Desserts / Pears / Recipes Easy Baked Pear Recipe With Puff Pastry. The box had an odor. of Famous Royal Riviera Pears with Sharon Faetsch - Duration: ... Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears Unboxing! Don't waste your money! I opened it and the package presentation is gorgeous but all the five pears were rotten. I wouldn’t shop HandD again if they handed me a gift basket.And so far, no money has been returned. Start your review of Harry & David! I would not have ordered what was sent. Hoping getting my money back won't be as bad as the reset of this experience, but I'm not holding my breath. What if the replacement is also spoiled? My chickens wouldn't even eat the fruit and chickens pretty much eat anything. Some of them made it to their destination after minor hiccups and some delays. See Photo. I placed an order more than a week ago. They were extremely apologetic and want to make it right. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM- THEY CAN"T FILL THE ORDERS. I have an email on the Passport refund coming, nothing yet on the merchandise, though I requested an email, not just a verbal promise.Say what you will about Wine Country, my two baskets were delivered in Canada 3 days ahead of schedule. They should have shut down their site, instead of lying saying 'still things you can get' and put a HUGE apology with an explanation on the front page. Both my husband and I ate a pear at the same time. We have exchanged more than 50 emails —yes, over FIFTY emails!! I mean rotten. In recent years, they've been truly disgusting. Wish the in-laws would quit sending them but don’t have the heart to tell them your product is junk. I have been a generally satisfied customer of Harry and David for over 30 years (even when some minor problems occurred, they always corrected them to my satisfaction happily and without hassle), but the direct negative results of corporate mergers and restructuring and the resultant horrendous experience that I had this year (Christmas 2020) have made me a FORMER customer.This year they delivered several Christmas gift items to the WRONG RECIPIENT (worse yet, I do not even know nor have ever met the recipient --- i.e., a "total stranger"). Overall Harry and David has a 4.4 star rating based on 47 user reviews. Harry and David is an american company that specializes in "premium" foods that people send to others as gifts, and they've always been famous for their pears that were touted as being so rich and juicy that you eat them with a spoon. I ordered a Christmas Amarillo for my 90 year old Mother in an Independent Living Facility and it came in damaged and not acceptable. Review #1739810 is a subjective opinion of poster. One was delivered, the other two I was told by voice mail today, the 21st; that the items were no longer available and that I would receive a credit back on my card. Harry and David is the premier name in gourmet food boxes, so wine isn't exactly their main focus. Harry and David is an online company specializing in gift baskets, treats, and other high-end things for family, personal, and corporate customers. I'm in Oregon, and as an Oregon company, H&D used to have such a great reputation. ... Their royal pears cans fresh and safely package in a box that I will reuse time and time again. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Find the best companies in Food Delivery category: Harry And David and The Swiss Colony, Harry And David vs Amora Coffee, The Swiss Colony vs Figis Harry & David Buyers Be Ware!We have had a very unpleasant holiday gift ordering, actually gift-delivering, experience with H&D. Do I waste another 20 minutes on hold. 4 of the pears arrived spoiled. Clear ordering process; Can ship orders to the UK, Canada and Germany; Ordering from Harry & David appears to be a rather seamless experience: add an item to your cart, add a shipping address, edit the delivery date if needed and add an optional gift message. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations: IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: 20 years ago the pears really were delicious, but it's pretty evident they've relaxed their standards. 4. Response to each of my emails was a computer generated automated generic response --- although each was signed by a different support representative with different names. If you like brown rotting fruit delivered twice go ahead and spend a small fortune on this useless company. Trust Pilot = 1.3 Star SiteJabber = 2 Stars So it’s just not me — DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!Go elsewhere … Anywhere else! Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.” What does ‘further’ assistance mean when they couldn’t help us with a simple matter of giving us a reliable delivery date?We tried calling on the phone, and on being connected after a 30-min. Yes, wildfires. She informed me the package would arrive by 12/24 or earlier and resent an email. What can we help you with? Yelp = 3 Stars. Check out the unboxing and my review of these pears by Harry & David. Please take this down because you have posted your address. ... Wow! I wouldn't give them one star....need some options for the opposite of stars...any way..I ordered gifts for three people on December 5th..processed my payment. In this Harry and David reviews, you will be looking at specifically, their Wine of the Month Club offerings. Each time, it took us a 30-min. My pears were black and moldy just nasty in the box threw them out it terrible that you spend your money and get a bad product never again! The address was changed and I received a confirmation email. They're good - but not at $5 a piece. I called to inquire (25 minutes on hold) and all the person could say was that there were some system issues but the link in the email should work. I guess they have survived all these years because they fill a certain niche and have name recognition. Based on all of the recent reviews, clearly Harry & David and its parent company, are having some pretty serious problems. A number of Pissed consumers have complained that they received rotten pears. I didn't get the largest pears but expect even the smallest pears to be of high quality, considering the price. What happened to their quality? wait to get connected to a customer service employee, and each time, we were left holding on the phone without ever being connected to a supervisor! Did H&D get sold to China? Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Free Shipping by Amazon. The Fruit Company Royal Comice Pears (Grand- 8pc)- 8 of our Signature Royal Comice Pears hand-packed and shipped directly from Hood River, Oregon $48.00 $ 48 . I don't know if our supermarkets always have the best produce. Apparently Florida is too far to ship. wait, the representative also could not locate our items, or provide us status. I gave them one star only because I had to to give the review. And I am going to let the people know that purchased. One of the boxes had 2 apples, one was perfect, the other was seriously spoiled. Based in Medford, Ore., … The message was always the same, probably a boiler-plate cut-and-paste answer. Review #1430923 is a subjective opinion of poster. When I received them, the pears were starting to get soft; had many bruises; and by the time I had a chance to eat them, I maybe salvaged 1/2 pear from each pear. It is up to the gift recipient to call Harry and David to let them know. four of the five pears we received were inedible, bruised and just bad. Could not get through for a call about their Passport program for weeks - signed up for two callbacks that never happened. Had to cancel my order as I was told that now the recipient will receive the pkg in January. Called Harry and David’s we are going to try a 3rd shipment. I received a tower of treats with rotten fruit. Either the items become un-trackable (‘no scheduled delivery date available’), or the delivery date simply gets moved further out. The following are numbers on the box are Pkg.# on box 12404c numbers and our name and numbers on address label H12404-C000 165370****37. I remember years ago getting the pears and they were awesome. Cost: From $79.99 (three months) to $369.99 (twelve months) Harry & David is synonymous with gift-giving. Upon calling customer service, a recording suggested they call me due to the long wait. Harry & David picks their pears unripe (less bruising, easier to keep fresh till Christmas), so receiving pears that did not fully ripen in the box isn't abnormal. I ordered a gift basket that was never delivered. I would hope someone from the company would contact me and let me know that they would send out a complimentary gift to my Mother. Harry and David. Really bad. This was, of course, supposed to be a Christmas present. The problem was Washington state to Florida. I called and I got someone in another country who kept putting me on hold. No updates. I moved to an area that is 300 miles from the nearest outlet, so decided to order by mail. 445 Harry And David Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer They are the WORSTThey lost an order and provided no update. Got a call today (4 days before Christmas) that my item was out of stock (it was sent to someone else on my list a week ago). Pissed Consumer © 2020 All They think it's acceptable for the gift recipient to open a box of spoiled fruit and be required to call the 1-800 number themselves, go through the various customer service representatives, and get their own replacement. Completely dysfunctional service. When I called, all customer service could tell me was that "the customer cancelled the order online". Called, they were replaced, second box worse than 1st.H&D products r not quality anymore. NOT a happy experience nor one that I wish to repeat (nor wish on anyone).The moral of this true story is to NEVER EVER BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM HARRY AND DAVID --- or from their partner bakery and flower companies!!!!!Sincerely,Dr. Royal Riviera® Pears are the perfect Christmas fruit gift to send to friends and loved ones this season, or enjoy a box of our famously juicy and delicious Christmas pears as a sweet addition to your own holiday. ... Harry and David is the best place to go to for amazing food baskets. That is illegal and should be reported to irs. Review #1415505 is a subjective opinion of poster. I will not reward some of the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. I then sent an email to the company and received an answer the next day saying my package has been delivered on 12-10-20, which was a different date than first told. All Occasion Gift Baskets We had ordered from them in the past and had been pleased with their product quality and delivery. After more than two weeks of placing the order, we still – today --cannot get credible status on delivery of these packages! It included 6 pears. The other said that my several orders had been successfully delivered. Wolferman’s & Harry & David are actually owned by the same company. The next day I tried again and, after 50 minutes I reached a rep who was no help whatsoever, insisting my package was delivered 12-17-20, then wished me a Merry Christmas. Share your voice on Our Chef created this baked pear recipe that you can make as a delicious alternative dessert to impress your guests. Review #1446899 is a subjective opinion of poster. Although the company has a modern website with updated navigation that makes it easy to shop for prepared holiday meals, assorted fruit selections, plants, wine and seasonal gift baskets, its history goes back way further than your fancy smartphone or even the digital age.. In 1934, Harry & David set on their famous sales trips to San Francisco and New York, visiting the captains of industry and pitching their pears as the ideal business gift. 1,316 reviews. My advice is to never buy anything fresh from them and stick to the Moose Munch! Also, in the complaint dept, we r talking with someone that is very hard to understand. I am so angry and disappointed. We have been a customer of Harry and David for over 20 years. H&D pears arrive ready to ripen. Absolutely terrible service. After nearly two weeks, only 8 have received there pears and the others, although they say shipped are not accounted for. Harry & David gift basket review: Ordering and delivery. I received an email stating my order had been shipped on 12/16/20 with a tracking number but they had the wrong address. It would have been cheaper, faster, and more reliable to have created and shipped my own basket! I have ordered from this company in the past and never had a problem . Harry and David. Been using them for years. But now I have had 2 years of bad fruit I want to let everyone know. Read these Harry and David reviews from real customers. 17-32 of 58 results for "harry and david pears" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The pictures showed small , average looking pears that I could have bought in the grocery store for a lot less then the $95 dollar price tag. 137 reviews for Harry and David, rated 1.00 stars. You really can't go wrong with Harry and David pears...if you can afford them. SHARES. Harry and David did not notify me of this. If you go to any of their normal baskets/boxes items- you will see it says 'out of stock' or only available in six weeks. It's probably my most exciting delivery each year. I will never order from these people. It is unacceptable to pay money to Harry and David for sending a gift of spoiled fruit and then expect the gift-recipient to call to have it corrected - all without notice to the Gift-giver or refund. We have asked them to cancel the two shipments and refund our money. Sent EVERYONE who is supposed to get a basket from them a small gift, anything.. a boxes of oranges.. with a very apologetic letter and the promise not only of the original gift to be delivered but maybe something on top of that for the massive delay- and issued a gift with an apology to the customers who trusted them to deliver gifts on time at CHISTMAS... instead of 'oh nothing is wrong" and canceling everyone!!