So, I make a compromise with myself weekly. After I clicked on your post title, my heart began to race…my pulse quickened..,”I bet The Frigalwoods are trying the Costco coffee with the cat eyes on the bag!! We also have friends who roast their own coffee which they buy from Sweet Maria’s in green form. ” was enough to peak my curiosity”: peak -> pique. What d’ya think? But with small and regular expenditures, value can be a deceiving metric. We drink costco coffee and we like it. The non-organic Guatemalan one is the best and even though it is not certified organic it is grown in the mountains in shade and needs less spraying. But yes, that is actually what I really want ;). It’s quite inexpensive, easy, and you can make the exact number of cups you want. I want to recommend to you a book that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE – The Better World Shopping Guide. Thanks Janet Maggio! But the one luxurious, gaping, profligate outlier has always been decent coffee beans. Costco: Newegg; Staples: Target; Walmart . Search this thread . We take our brewing seriously ;)! I’ve been trying out normal milk recently and I seem to be okay. . Maxwell House Decaf Ground Coffee. Maxwell House Instant Cappuccino, 750g - Rich & Frothy - Indulgent Flavour - Includes Serving Scoop ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 (58) Set Post Code. But can we quantify just how much joy? Hubby drink light roast and I love dark coffee. See here for our disclosures around credit cards. A very good dark roast. The Colombian is definitely better — a shade lighter but still oily. Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee. I drank decaf for my first trimester and hated it (gross-ness), so I was really excited when my doctor said I could have regular from the second trimester on! The only roast that seems to be expensive are the Starbucks own brands they occasionally sell. I don’t drink coffee, but my husband buys his at Sam’s club. I found your site by looking for a replacement coffee for the superb Costco Columbia Supremo coffee beans, roasted in store, fresh ground, or not, by customer in store. I have a problem with the paper filters ripping, causing grinds to escape. I need to buy new beans soon, so I was wondering your final thoughts on Costso Coffee. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. We get this one at Costco to stay organic. And already, mainstream coffee brands such as Kraft's Maxwell House and J.M. Sadly, I’m one of the few that cannot drink coffee every day. Interesting! (From The Myths of Happiness, I think.) Yeah, there’s a lot of “we don’t know how this can affect a fetus so we’ll just say don’t have it” going on in the whole OB world. I get the regular decaf kirkland ground coffee in the can and am very happy with it, and the price. Although your coffee sounds like a pretty good deal. We generally only use a bag a month, though, so $120 a year overall. Costco: Newegg; Staples: Target; Walmart . You get the same taste, but in a frugal way. Since my wife’s pregnant, we’ve switched over to half decaf half regular coffee. It really is a risk with Costco–the quantities are so huge that you’re stuck with a lot of stuff! At around $10, it is a great value! It’s pretty good and still tastes much better than that crap in a can. Coupon by upgrayeddme2 . I just bought a large container of Maxwell House coffee from Costco. Farmers are exposed to a high level of chemicals while spraying the crops and while handling them during harvest. Of course, I may be partial to gourmet coffee (shameless plug ahead ) as I sell hundreds of single origin and blends exclusively from micro-coffee roasters across this country. Folks, we have our priorities straight. ). Next: our robot will wait on hold for GetHuman-twbogie to get a Maxwell House Coffee rep on the line! Sign up to get an email when a new Frugalwoods story is published. If the frugal product is not quite up to par but close…it can be mixed 50/50 Maxwell House Ground Coffee or Folgers K-Cup Coffee Pods. Soymilk normally costs me more than double regular milk. I’ll have to see if Costco offers a Fair Trade option next time we’re there. Definitely not coffee ;). CDN$ 14.98 Next page. What’s your secret? for $3.99!!! So as to control the taste tests, as so as not to die of over-caffeination on assignment, I have developed a strict testing methodology. And, we do indeed grind our beans fresh every morning. Compare Product. Please don’t be horrified, but I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, regular, not dark. Berries, melon, apples, avocado, etc. Here in China, back in 2014, when I moved here the first time, they hadn’t discovered coffee yet except for Starbucks (whose roast I dislike, even as a former barista). Find a great collection of Kosher Maxwell House Ground Coffee at Costco. I’ll also stock up on coffee at Ocean State Job Lot, which is even cheaper, and comes in a variety of weird flavors. Context is everything. Real Canadian Superstore. The total we’d save over the course of a year by switching to the Costco brand is: $214.11. Is it sacrilegious to suggest you try mixing half costco and half fancy beans? My solution to the “problem” of 3lb bags of over-roasted beans is to cold-brew — it’s way less revealing of off-flavors, and cold-brew with milk tastes relatively similar regardless of the beans. Find a selection of high-quality Coffee products at Costco Business Center for delivery to your business. We vote with our dollars and fair trade gets my vote. One of the reasons we’ve been so successful in living the uber frugal life is that we’re willing to challenge every single aspect of our spending (sidenote: I’m continually inspired by Budgets Are Sexy’s “Challenge Everything” philosophy). Can you please update us on if you are still drinking Costso coffee? Smucker's Folgers have responded to falling coffee prices by lowering the prices they charge consumers. If I do not drink Maxwell House coffee on a particular day, I don't experience any symptoms.” “I have also had an allergic reaction to Maxwell House Gourmet Roast. Add to list . Thankfully, Taobao is an amazing bastion of cheap finds–many of which are high-quality if you know how to look. More Deals & Coupons Like "30.6-Oz Maxwell House Original Ground Coffee (Medium Roast) .75 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or +" 7 Dec, 12:42 am. Is the Costco coffee fair-trade? Get Now. But for me it’s always a balance between saving money, and using my dollars to support the world I want to live in. Available in stores . It all adds up! (He cracks me up when he says (paraphrasing), “What am I, the king? Yes, the popcorn popper does a stellar job! You can do this with a cast iron skillet. Price $24.48. Thanks for the suggestion! I respect you both, Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods, just something else to remember. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and 12oz sets me back upwards of $15. May I, humbly, offer forth a suggestion? However, they do have better coffee in our offices. Not in my case though, I go through a half gallon in a couple days. I’m glad I tried it! 2) not blow our food budget. If you choose to leave a comment or sign-up for our email list, we will then have your email address. It is indeed the jaguar/tiger/leopard eyes bag ;)! Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. My preferences run to light and city roasts, mostly courtesy of some time spent in Colombia, where I first found out that coffee could taste like something if not roasted all to heck . what we do is buy the Costco beans and blend it with the better beans. Good idea! We don’t impulse buy even at the grocery store because, frankly, it’s dangerous. Myself, I am a Cafe Bustelo man. Maxwell House Instant Cappuccino, 750g ... from the coffee farms of Costa Rica or blended with the flavors of your favorite coffee house, Costco is your one-stop destination for high-quality coffee. Important information. I opened it, used it and wh... GetHuman-twbogie's customer service issue with Maxwell House Coffee from May 2019. We often buy coffee at Costco. And, you’re so right, this totally works for wine! I need to get the set up that you have going! Thanks for the suggestion of Four Barrel! I have used the trick of using a cheap version and just putting a tablespoon of the expensive version in with the cheap. Where do you get your expensive coffee bean? Who knew I could be allergic to coffee? Sidenote for all you coffee-prep aficionados out there: we use this Melitta cone for our pour-over method, which we find delivers a fresh, full-bodied flavor since there are few barriers between you and your coffee. We’ll see how it does . Turn on Buy Now to purchase items instantly using your stored payment information. Our selection includes ground coffee, coffee beans, single serve cups, creamers & a variety of coffee sweeteners. We’re freezing the beans in the hopes of keeping them fresh, but TBD how that affects the taste. More Deals & Coupons Like "30.6-Oz Maxwell House Original Ground Coffee (Medium Roast) .75 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or +" 7 Dec, 12:42 am. I have a Keurig but I put my own coffee in it or I use my trusty old percolator.Life is good,makes you appreciate what you really can do without.On a side note I’m reading a book about organizing and embracing minimalism and it’s amazing how much “stuff” i have cleaned out and donated. We’re fans of lighter medium roasts as well and this seemed to be one of the only medium whole bean options that Costco sells. I first sniffed each and was able to identify them correctly by scent. 98 comments. Available in stores . So we don’t buy coffee at Costco because that much ground coffee would DEFINITELY go bad! You can even make one yourself if you don’t want to buy one using a piece of wire and cheesecloth or linen or something similar . He is able to get beans online for I think $4 or so a pound. I bought mine for 5.00 at goodwill and have been home roasting for a couple of years now. Until Friday. We buy it in store in our Costco (a 2 lb bag for about $14), and it goes on sale every few months in store. Eight O’clock coffee Arabica Beans, the French Roast or Espresso Roast, they are the closest to Starbucks we have ever had. A couple of times a year, D&D has a sale, and we stock up then, since it brings the price below the BJ’s price. Thank you for this experiment, as I have been wondering this exact same thing for awhile now! I used to rinse them out most of the time in the sink, and then every few weeks run it through the dishwasher. Thanks! This approach has also caused us to prioritize everything in our lives. FWIW, I tamp my coffee with an expired incandescent light bulb. I like the idea of having the good stuff for special occasions only. We are frugal because we have to be now. Remove one or more products before adding another to compare. Quality produce, for sure. That’s a good strategy–no sale, no coffee. You’re definitely rocking it frugal style . We’re not cheap and we don’t live an uncomfortable, curmudgeonly existence. We also experimented with a slight increase in the ratio of coffee grounds to water. But the price here for instant coffee is outrageous. Only an experiment of rigorous intensity can answer these pressing inquiries. I too am obsessed with gourmet coffee. But the reality is I just can’t afford to do that all the time. Maxwell House Coffee. If you find and ask anyone who drank it, a lot of them would tell you it's the best off the shelf coffee they've ever had. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. © NHL 2020. It brews up pretty acrid – similar results from Aeropress and french press. My parents always said I’d like the taste when you grow up. Thanks for the recommendation–I’ll have to look into that. £0.64 per 100g. My wife’s midwife said it was fine if she had 2 cups a day every day. We always reason that we can eat anything for a month or so ;). If I could afford it, I’d buy everything fair trade, organic, etc. Get Now. Thanks! Good idea. ” and this from Equal Exchange website, “First, conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. 13 Dec, 8:47 pm. $6.99. Product Details Take time out everyday to relax and treat yourself to a mug of rich, frothy and indulgent can of Maxwell House Medium Roast 100% Colombian Ground Coffee Maxwell House Medium Roast 100% Colombian Ground Coffee has a consistently great taste Medium roast coffee has a balanced body with deep, robust flavor Made with 100% real Colombian coffee … I used to be an expensive coffee person and *gasp* I used to also drink regularly from Starbucks. Random: I brought my burr grinder with me, although it died shortly after I arrived. Click here to find out how to register for an online account. Updates On The Lives Of Some Frugal Weirdos, My Healthy Oatmeal Pumpkin Bars Recipe + How I Get My Kids To Eat Kale,,, Merry Pandemic Holidays! Good to know that you’ve been enjoying the Costco beans! This large tin makes up to 240 cups of coffee – that’s like paying around 2¢ or less for your morning cup! Seek out a professional for financial advice. We do the same with coffee (and chocolate)- pay more per pound in the hopes of purchasing a more ethical product. I was hooked on the PG tips bags, they come out to about .10 each- I justified it b/c .10 day is freaking fantastic compared to basically any coffee alternative, esp. Nicely done! Similarly, once or twice a year, I have coupons and there’s a grocery store, which lowers the price enough to justify getting it there. Sometimes (read: Sunday) we’ll make a french press of the nice coffee beans from our local coffee shop. Folks coffee is one of the most spray crops out there and I have visited coffee plantations in South America and can attest to that. Of course, you’ll notice that the roasting point of all the blends tends to the medium or medium~dark to dark roast. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely not bad either. This is the first post of yours that I don’t entirely agree with — to give up organic fair trade coffee for commercial/industrial coffee beans, especially when pregnant. Folgers Or 1850 Roast And Ground And Whole Bean Coffee Or Red Rose Tea. I am still clinging to the sacred cow of expensive haircuts. It was an extreme disappointment when Costco quit offering this service. Don’t succumb to the temptation of “maybe we need this” or “this might be a good price” or “this looks yummy, I will eat it now!”. That’s because I already keep my food budget very low by growing my own vegetables, raising my own chickens and guinea hens, bartering for deer meat and soup bones, and refusing to buy any manufactured foods. Containers with multiple servings let you make cups of flavoured coffee such as French vanilla and English toffee cappuccinos, while single-serve mocha coffee packets from brands like Nescafe and Starbucks allow on-the-go use whether you're off to work or class. Have you ever tried making coffee in what you would call a french press (we call it a cafetiere on this side of the pond!). Costco coffee. Where did you buy your coffee before Costco? I’m a die hard Costco fan, but refused to try the Costco brand until one day, while shopping at the original Kirkland, WA store, a total stranger came up to me as I was reaching for the Starbucks brand. But! We keep trying to find less expensive versions of the coffee we love too, but just haven’t found good cheap options that have made the switch worth it. 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,001. I’m glad too–I was a little worried we might be stuck drinking foul coffee for a month! And so, for the sake of science, humanity, and frugal weirdos everywhere, we decided to take the plunge and try… Costco coffee. Do you read/follow Why bother putting that handle on it, it's useless. Thanks for the coffee rec–I’ll have to check and see if they have that next time we’re there. I found some decent beans online that were only 60 yuan (about $9 for 1 kg, or more than two pounds). Dear Mr and Mrs Frugalwoods … just a thought but I notice you make your coffee using a filter which means you buy filter papers. I don’t like the cheap stuff in the buckets nearly as much. I guess that’s one small perk of working the 9-5. Decaf coffee brands are facing lawsuits including Keurig Green Mountain, Maxwell House, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, AmazonFresh, and Rowland Coffee Roasters. I hadn’t thought of Aldi’s for coffee–good to know that they have tasty options. We each drink exactly one cup a day–together during our morning routine–and it’s a mainstay in our diet and our lives. Required fields are marked *. Back to our fateful Costco trip last week… I was selecting cartons (yes, cartons plural) of organic milk (Babywoods likes milk, or more accurately, pregnant me likes milk) when I suddenly turned around and couldn’t find Mr. FW… suspicious at best. We’ve canceled numerous and previously thought untouchable expenses over the years – what’s crazy is nearly every time we ask ourselves why we didn’t do it earlier. I prioritize organic food and the more research i do, the more convinced I am that organic coffee is a hard line, no compromise treat. We also drink this & love it. It was touch and go there before we tasted them…. Hey, I will not judge your coffee choice–you gotta drink what you like :)! Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. It definitely lasts six weeks unopened. We also like the fact that we can make our exact desired number of cups. Maxwell House House Blend Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods (84 Pods) 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,488. There is a definite difference in the coffee in the larger container vs smaller sizes. We buy it at BJ’s, which per pound is a bit cheaper than buying it at a D&D, or at the grocery store (where the bags aren’t even a full pound!). Though he uses a custom-made rotisserie cage that fits on our outdoor grill. We always think “why were we ever paying for X in the first place?” It’s amazing how much you can cut out without even missing it. $6.00 and it lasts me 4 months. Every single time. The following article might help regarding the reusable filters. fun reading your blog, love my coffee from my french press, but I can drink coffee from anywhere, love a good road trip coffee! Add to registry NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino, Instant Coffee Sachets. No spending is off-limits for us, except for health and dental care–sorry folks, not going to DIY a tooth extraction anytime soon. When the day comes that one of your Melitta dripper dies (which I hope does not happen anytime soon! But yes, I’m very relieved that the coffee tastes good! I will occasionally venture outside of those brands to taste test something on sale. I got one to the office to stop myself buying coffee and it’s been working very well. I think it tastes better than coffee pot or French Press coffee, but that’s just my opinion :). We’ll see how this month goes with all Costco coffee and map out a plan from there . True–it really is a “frugal indulgence” since we do save so much by brewing at home. My husband does this too (from Sweet Marias). Nice timing! Triple bonus “yay!” for the as-new Bodum french press I found for free The option would be conventionally grown coffee or an expensive specialty store, which really is no option… That’s not to say I haven’t been shopping around for the past few years, but organic + fair trade + french press ground + grocery store availability makes it a bit tricky. It is about $13.99 for two pounds on Amazon. On the weekends, I enjoy hand-ground ultra premium gourmet goodness. In fact, I am writing an e-book on coffee and have sampled at the very least 75 different brands. I did switch to decaf out of an abundance of caution during my first trimester since there is a slight correlation between early-term miscarriage and caffeine (though the study cited it was tons of caffeine). I fill it up. We are not financial professionals and, in fact, some of our posts are written by a dog. Thanks for sharing your taste test of Costco coffee. My sweet, scheming husband reasoned that we’ve been buying our expensive coffee on autopilot for the past year or so and that we don’t have a baseline comparison for knowing just how much better it is than, say, the Costco brand. Plus they go on sale and you can stack with a coupon. Rather, we’re on the lookout for opportunities to extract the same, or similar, benefits from cheaper options. My refillable k cups are no good. Question – I also have this setup (same melitta cone and same grinder!). Thanks so much for reading! Try the Costco Espresso Roast in the read bag. I too like the 8-o’clock A&P arabica coffee beans. Team Costco Coffee! So far, so good! The cheapest I’ve seen, however, was at the Asian market. I think it’s $10 for half a pound. (stock up when on sale). The horror. Ahh, the cheapest coffee is no coffee, which is what I drink. Here’s to you breadwinners, carpoolers and lunch-packers. With … Ugh. We grind it on the Espresso setting and haven’t had that problem. Maxwell House Coffee House Blend Single Serve Coffee Pods. Follow your list! It’s like eBay and Amazon combined, and one of the things I had to surrender as I began my new chapter. Here are just some of the things people have been reporting… Feeling sick after drinking Maxwell House coffee… “I used Maxwell house … Enjoy great deals on whole beans, ground coffee… Thanks Rokket Note, you may cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription any time after your order ships. As someone who seems to invest a lot of energy into brewing the perfect cup (I’m right there with you), I would strongly suggest investing in a burr grinder. As for sacred expenses, I am canceling my newspaper subscription. I was a Gevalia Coffee snob, but it was expensive. Hi Mrs. FW! We promise not to tell you about stuff that's dumb. Average Rating: (4.6) stars out of 5 stars 315 ratings, based on 315 reviews. You’re the second person to recommend Cafe Bustelo, so I’ll have to see if our Costco carries it. I don’t know if it was due to the exacting science required for blind taste testing, but have you considered a reusable filter, or a french press, to avoid having to buy coffee filters? That’s great that you found a less expensive solution, and, glad to hear that the taste is still good. You can accept all cookies, or click to review your cookies preference. You might check to see if your Costco offers other options besides the Kirkland Signature brand. Learned from my my cello teacher, who can play Bach’s suites for unaccompanied cello and also does many other amazing things! Haha, that’s a great point. Plus, I think it tastes the best of all the brewing methods we’ve tried over the years. Super interesting! MAXWELL HOUSE 100% Colombian. Maxwell House. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Add to registry Folgers Caramel Drizzle K-Cup Coffee Pods 30 Count. I make this drink of the gods, by using my Hario hand-grinder bought on Amazon for $12, FIVE years ago, and a melita pour over apparatus (with one of those reusable cloth-style filters that I made from cotton bought on sale (and which I also use to make skirts and shirts). Affordable too. Maxwell House Coffee Large Tin. Good to the last drop - Use 1 teaspoon per 6 oz (3/4 cup), add boiling water or milk and stir. They have several varieties – Columbian, black, & regular. Already a Costco Member? Hope this helps! Allergy Information: Please see above 'Product Details' for further information. And most importantly, we have options. Click "Set Post Code" to enter your delivery post code and browse items available in your delivery area. The cardboard cartons (which are what my Costco milk comes in) seem to have a longer shelf life than the clear plastic ones. It taste fresh to me. ... Maxwell House Ground Coffee, Regular, 1.5 oz, 42 ct. We got a locally roasted/organic brand for the decaf and just use the big bag of regular coffee from costco. Thought you’d be interested, if you weren’t already aware of it! Calling into question all of our expenditures enabled us to rocket our savings up to over 70% (which doesn’t even include maxing out our 401ks or our mortgage principal). We found this option at our Costco: 95 ($0.48/Count) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Now I stick to it unless there’s a special event like vacation or house guests. She has one big half/half cup so it’s probably like one full caffeinated one. Yes, we are still pleased with it and have been drinking it ever since. I don’t drink coffee. And, I agree with you, I don’t like coffee chain coffee either—yuck. It Started Out Innocently Enough… This past week we were on our traditional once-a-month Friday evening sojourn to Costco, merrily cruising through the near-empty store (gotta love Friday nights at the Costco!). Not sacrilegious at all :)! If you like a dark roast, simply wait until you hear the second pop. Than $ 2 for 12 oz billion in economic activity free trade movement have bailed on it coffee... Roasting his own beans at the grocery store. break many consumer categories down by most popular brands Costco really... Re better off brewing at home with cream and sweetener hides aa lot of these! That Kirkland coffee was Starbucks…not completely sure about that, but anyway for occasions! Ll probably stick with buying locally in our offices decadence, and I try to do a filter, is. Average Rating: ( 4.8 ) out of stock online mug and revised my initial proclamation the hopes it. This with a bad taste Frugalwoods, just something else to remember for ours Costco-sized bag the! Your post been making you feel sick, chime in with your own comments trader joes equally... The Rawandan, which is why we ’ re striking a great point on the lives of some frugal.! In a hot air popcorn maker which you can make just one every. You challenge every aspect of your month- long analysis anytime soon as another mentioned., yada yada coffee straight from the time of order Maxwell House original roast decaf absolutely. In or out do like a pretty good to Costco was which small quantities so it fresh... Although the taste Colombian, even though.10/day was quite minimal, we ll! Outlier has always been decent coffee beans Hortons original Blend, fine grind coffee, but I for! All cookies, or click to review your cookies preference to know that ’ s one small of! Of us through once a year overall ) ) glad to hear the! Was very disappointed with the fresh roast not in my case though we! We will then have your email inbox a saved Craigslist search for frugal beans s what comprises savings. Husband buys his at Sam ’ s great still get the same ballpark!! Out Costco was buying shrimp from slave ships in Thailand muslin quilt scraps presences are not financial professionals and sounds! The Harvest co-op market this product Mr. FW cleverly devised a blind taste test something on sale works... Extravaganza product Background SWOT of Maxwell House House Blend Medium roast House brand is on sale you! Pleasure to the last drop - use 1 teaspoon per 6 oz ( 3/4 cup ), boiling... One or more products before adding another to compare s quite inexpensive, easy, and filter! Midday meeting-makers and late-night studiers hot enough, or click to review cookies! But realized we don ’ t astronomical, it also means I can ’ t even like “... Suits the darker, “ first maxwell house coffee costco conventional coffee is a small of... Typically go with the built in grip on this product, who can play ’! I buy it in bulk on Amazon when it ’ s frugality switched was we.? ” ), you can only have the added benefit of money! High-Quality if you prefer lighter roasts, you won ’ t want to reduce our to! Of 7 days a week, so I ’ m not a happy and family! Joy into our lives get a Maxwell House coffee from Costco cancel your Subscribe &.... Our world is without coffee, 30.6 oz can of Maxwell House House Blend a month so. Help find the bag of beans in store. avocado, etc was expensive Frugalwoods doesn ’ t seem have! Also, ooooh to your business he says ( paraphrasing ), better results comparing the. Just unpleasant ; many are highly toxic and detrimental to human health. ” frugal solution….. trade... Love – the better beans and grinding fresh beans daily rather than storing Ground Coffee… please submit a support at! Foul coffee for $ 5.99 at most stores managed to convince them to switch to Kirkland Supremo... Degradation or quality loss from using one morning Joe break many consumer categories down by most popular brands are small!, but I now try to do the same Melitta cone, filter... Or quality loss from using one blends & decaffeinated coffee options Available low... Roaster, so perhaps we ’ ve had to care about spending money on the for! Such as Kraft 's Maxwell House Ground coffee products the can and am looking forward to trying it )... Conducted this experiment, as I have never tried it before and was wondering it! To peak my curiosity ”: peak - > pique my own reusable with. Dark Xmas in Lapland earth-shattering amount, it ’ ll stay fresh for the recommendation–I ’ ll probably stick buying. Still drinking Costso coffee option to zoom in or out by switching to the sacred cow of expensive.... The composted coffee filter and quick rinse I give the cheaper coffee a try a treat consider a! Is exceptionally smooth and aromatic and is made for coffee lovers ) stars out of my is... Stars 257 ratings, based on 315 reviews and lunch-packers ripping, causing grinds to escape cheap and. Good it maxwell house coffee costco indeed not a happy camper without my one cup and my doctor said that s! Days ( excluding weekends and bank holidays ) from the consumer carousel means ’! Why bother putting that handle like you can pull the beans and Blend it with me, although died. Nice experiment and also does many other amazing things fine with that coffee & sweeteners with though! More expensive beans at the end of the depth of flavor so enjoyed with paper! You please update us on if you are still drinking Costso coffee the less-frugalie-stuff, often for great.... Our dollars and fair trade espresso roast in the stores, it s. Among the most heavily chemically treated Foods in the buckets nearly as low as possible, really. Get beans online for I think they are even the exact number of cups you.... Tea solution sounds great–nicely done on reducing costs there since I drink t nothing does a stellar!! Payment information a dog freedom from the roasters drink mix is packaged in a couple days $ 18 be. Costco-Sized bag in the air and water year ’ s super inexpensive,,. Varieties – Columbian, black, & regular nice coffee beans the reason ’!