Please suggest meaning of name Methuselah in other country, history of name and famous personality with name Methuselah or you like to put your any comment/suggestion on this name for other visitors. About Baby. The name Methuselah has a clouded meaning, but some say they know for sure the meaning of this name. Popularity of the name Methuselah in 30 countries, origin and meaning of the name Methuselah Everything name meaning, origin, pronunciation, numerology, popularity and more information about Methuselah at NAMEANING.NET מְתוּשֶׁ֫לַח proper name, masculine descendant of Seth (? The standing of man meant a disparity in posture; all other living beings now being low. He lived to age 969, making him the longest-lived person in the Bible. What is the meaning of my name Methuselah. It is probable that both meanings were intended by God. Having died at the age of 969, he lived the longest of all figures mentioned in the Bible. Source(s): 0 0. When one farts in the shower and the surrounding moisture/heat causes the stench to become more intense and … The parallel is even more exact in the Septuagint which transcribes "Methuselah" in both instances. Genesis 5:27. Biblical: Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. Be our patron for as little as one dollar a month:, The Passion of the Christ and the Theory of Everything, The Fate of Our World: The Bible, AI and Cryptocurrency. Lv 4. Let's take a look at the meaning of his name and story. In a theology that operated perpendicularly upon that which worshipped life, death was venerated under the names Mot and Mawet. Genesis 5:27. Therefore, it will either mean man of the spear or when he dies it shall be sent . Learn more. These dictionary topics are from M.G. ScienceQuantum Mechanics and Chaos TheoryHope and the Scientific MethodThe Passion of the Christ and the Theory of EverythingWhy sheep are humanHumanitiesScience, religion and data retentionCamels and international tradeThe Social Psychology of PlanetsLinguisticsOn script and information technologyWords and nominal reasonThe Hebrew alphabetThe Hebrew calendar, BibleHow the Bible works (on the name Mary)Biblical namesInterlinear New TestamentLots and lots of topical articlesHebrew dictionaryGreek dictionaryMiscellaneousThe gospel of impurityEndosymbiotic eukaryosynthesisFaith, Evolution and FreedomThe Fate of Our World: The Bible, AI and CryptocurrencyOnline e-book (free, no tricks)Weird Patterns in History and Movies, HousekeepingCookie policy and EU Cookie LawCopyright & ContactSupport usThrough PatreonVia Paypal, Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary, Ae2tdPwUPEZBhJZJ51xCziitqpVrDrxeaJE78CHGjTRmuxaAen3E4j14kwc, (c) Abarim Publications — first published here on 2006-04-19; moved to present location on 2008-05-18; last updated on 2020-10-19, Discover the meanings of thousands of Biblical names in. Feeling a little unlucky lately? Plural noun שלוחים (shilluhim) means a send-off; a sending away or parting gift. The first part is מת ( mat ), which is either one of a few words to denote man or mankind, and used most often to indicate a male capable of combat, or it comes from the similar verb מות ( mut) meaning to kill or die: He lived to age 969, making him the longest-lived person in the Bible. Methushelach: perhaps "man of the dart," a descendant of Seth. Methuselah in the genealogy of Seth (Gen. 5:2–21, P) is the counterpart of Methusael in that of Cain (4:18, J). There is no way to know for certain if the final vowel in metu was an "o" or an "u" as the vowel pointings that make that distinction are of fairly recent origin. Transliteration: Methushelach. n. An extremely old or long-lived man. Anonymous. According to Strong, the root for metu is the word mat (#4962) which means "man" and the word shelach (#7973) means a weapon or missile (hence the translation of dart).